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ST. MARK Catholic School

Vienna, VA

ST. MARK Catholic School

Vienna, VA

ST. MARK Catholic School

Vienna, VA


People choose to send their children to ST. MARK Catholic School for our strong academic program, our education in faith and moral values, and our close-knit, loving community.

ST. MARK Catholic School is committed to excellence in education in a Christ-centered environment, and was recently named a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence for our consistently high test scores. Our challenging curriculum employs critical thinking and exceeds local, state, and national standards. We strive to meet each child’s individual needs through differentiation, advanced academics, and resource support. Students participate in cross-curricular projects at each grade level. Our graduates are well-prepared for our area’s most challenging high schools as well as prestigious colleges.

With a commitment to the development of individual student academic potential, personal responsibility, and a foundation in the principles of the Catholic Faith, ST. MARK Catholic School provides instruction in math, science, English and social studies from the earliest ages in an environment that fosters faith, character and intellect. The school delivers academic excellence through an emphasis on small class size, critical thinking, recruitment and retention of outstanding faculty and a variety of extra-curricular academic pursuits.

Our program of strong academics and strong faith and moral development within a strong community is the hallmark of ST. MARK Catholic School.

ST. MARK offers students a state of the art campus facility in the heart of Vienna. The school building, built in early 2003, includes a full size library, science laboratory, separate dedicated classroom space for music and art, and a modern gymnasium hosting physical education classes with seating for 300+ spectators for school sports and other special events.

Extracurricular and enrichment activities provide students numerous opportunities to deepen and broaden their interests, pursue their passions, and cultivate their God-given gifts and talents in a spirit of community and caring.

Field trips are another important way ST. MARK students learn about and explore the world beyond the classroom from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Whether it’s connected to the Arts—with trips to the National Gallery of Art, Ford’s Theatre, the Center for the Performing Arts at George Mason University—exploring our environment—including outings to Great Country Farms, the National Zoo, Colvin Run Mill, the Outdoor Education Center at Hemlock Overlook Regional Park—or connected to core academics—the Maryland Science Center, the Air and Space Museum, Mount Vernon, Luray Caverns, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation—students learn invaluable lessons about the larger world around them, and how it connects to what they’re learning in the classroom, as well as how to be courteous, grateful, and respectful citizens.

Grade Levels

Warm and Nurturing Community of Learners

Our youngest ST. MARK Lions can attend preschool 5 mornings a week (8:30am-12pm), or in a full-day program (8:30am-3:30pm). Students come from enthusiastic families committed to providing the best possible academic and spiritual formation for their children.

Preschool students enjoy small classes staffed by committed teachers who inspire and challenge young learners to grow in every area: spiritually, academically, physically, emotionally, and socially. Students participate in school-wide assemblies, and our older preschool students attend a monthly Mass with older ST. MARK students who serve as “Mass Buddies”.

Classes are child-centered and differentiated, and the preschool’s state certified curriculum focuses on preparing their minds and bodies for learning as a springboard to future success. The curriculum includes science, social studies, religion, technology, language and literacy development, movement, music, and arts and crafts.

Setting a Strong Foundation

The academic curriculum for K-4 focuses on core academics for strong foundations in math, reading and writing. Religion and Spanish are core academic classes. Students participate in Art, music, P.E., computer and library class once per week. Dedicated teachers in grades K-4 emphasize foundational skills which are enhanced by hands-on science and social studies projects. Kindergarten classes have a part-time teaching assistant working alongside the lead teacher. Students enjoy field trips connected to what they’re learning in the classroom and develop an early love of literature and writing, and a joy of learning, critical thinking, and exploring.

Grade-Specific Special Areas of Focus and Presentations:

Kindergarten – Martin Luther King Presentation

1st Grade – All Saints Day Presentation

2nd Grade – Creative writing, class puppet show, Sacramental prep for Reconciliation & First Holy Communion

3rd Grade – Extensive study of the states, followed by the State Fair

4th Grade – Study of Colonial Virginia, followed by Colonial Day. Poetry Project.

Students in the 5th grade follow a rigorous middle school preparatory academic regimen, focused on developing independence in work ethic, decision-making, study skills, organization, and good personal habits.

Students have a homeroom teacher, but switch classrooms daily for Religion, English/Social Studies and Math/Science. With a year-long focus on learning about the world, students learn new skills and knowledge across the subject areas with an added lens of their chosen country, creating a cross-curricular component that helps students extend and deepen content knowledge while developing new skills.

Many of our upper elementary students build and expand on what they’re learning in the classroom through participation in school clubs and enrichment activities such as band, choir, Catholic Math League, debate, CYO sports teams and more.

Grade-Specific Special Areas of Focus and Presentations:

5th Grade—Year-long study of world geography, followed by International Day, Catholic Math League and DARE.

ST. MARK’s highly regarded Middle School program continues to focus on personal and academic excellence, with cross-curricular learning in math, English, literature, science, social studies, Spanish and religion.

Students attend classes taught by departmentalized faculty members. Homeroom teachers focus on the development of the whole individual on a spiritual, personal and educational level, fostering a life-long love of learning. Middle school students receive a tailored academic experience through their choice of electives in Art and Music, as well as leveled mathematics courses offering advanced math options for students who meet the criteria.

Critical thinking is emphasized as students are challenged to dig deeper into concepts in preparation for high school. Many of our middle school students participate in one of more of our enrichment activities and clubs, including CYO sports, band, choir, debate, Catholic Math League, the Shakespeare Club, Battle of the Books, and more.

Grade-Specific Special Areas of Focus and Presentations:

Middle School—Catholic Math League, World Civilization Fair (6th), Science Fair (7th and 8th), Sacramental Preparation for Confirmation (7th and 8th), Shakespeare

Standardized Test Score Averages

Students test consistently above the diocesan average.  

Take a look at our scores.

NWEA/MAP (Spring) Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7
Diocesan Average 82 85 83 84 87
School Average 98 96 90 96 96
NWEA/MAP (Spring) Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7
Diocesan Average 74 73 72 79 88
School Average 93 95 84 97 99
NWEA/MAP (Spring) Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7
Diocesan Average 83 86 88 88 93
School Average 98 96 95 97 99
Diocesan Average76
School Average89

Student Support Services

ST. MARK Catholic School: Embracing Students of All Abilities

Making Catholic education accessible to students of all abilities has been the goal of ST. MARK Catholic School since our inception in 2003.  ST. MARK Catholic School was the first elementary school in the Diocese of Arlington to welcome students with intellectual disabilities, establishing the Evangelist Program and dedicating a classroom for one-on-one and small group instruction.  ST. MARK has 18 years of experience providing instruction and services to students with a variety of learning needs.  While we are proud of our past, we will not rest on our laurels and continue to strive toward improving and implementing best practices.  

Research has shown the profound benefits of an inclusive Catholic school experience to all students.  An inclusive Catholic school allows all siblings to attend the same school together, for students to be educated in classrooms with their same-age peers, and for children of all abilities to be active participants in classes.  It is a place where ALL students are welcome, ALL students are valued, and ALL students benefit.  

To better support this important mission, our Evangelist Program and Resource Program have combined their talents and resources as the Student Support Services team. In doing so, we are more fully equipped to serve the students entrusted to our care, to address a wider range of learning abilities, and to be able to say “Welcome to ST. MARK” to all families wishing a Catholic education for their children.  The Student Support Services team is dedicated to meeting the needs of our students in our inclusive Catholic school.

This year at ST. MARK we have continued to work on becoming more inclusive by offering more in-class support, offering individual and small-group support as needed, and empowering all of our teachers to meet the needs of all of their students through a variety of professional development opportunities.

Additionally, an inclusive environment must make room for meaningful employment for those with intellectual or developmental disabilities.   At ST. MARK Catholic School we have on our staff a former ST. MARK student who benefitted from the services we offered.  We are also in the planning stages of collaborating on an internship program with the George Mason University LIFE Program.  

We are all called to teach as Jesus taught.  Jesus gives us the perfect model of inclusion.  At ST. MARK Catholic School we strive to teach as Jesus did, to share the light of Christ with our students, and to be the Face of God to all.  We are called to fulfill the mission to embrace people on the margins given to us by Pope Francis and the mission of inclusion given to us by Bishop Burbidge.

We ask you to kindly consider helping us with this mission of providing a Catholic education to students of all abilities by making a donation to ST. MARK Catholic School Student Support Services.  Your donation would go a long way in helping us provide necessary services to students ranging from Level 1 (minimal support) to Level 4 (maximum support).  All donations assist with costs associated with the following:

  • Employment of Special Educators
  • Employment of paraprofessionals (Instructional Assistants)
  • Educational materials and supplies to supplement lessons
  • Professional development for all teachers to learn how to diversify lessons for an inclusive classroom
  • Employment of a staff member or staff members with an intellectual or developmental disability

 Catholic School serves the needs and celebrates the God-given potential of all of our students.  Thank you for supporting us and for being such an important part of this blessed mission.

May God bless you and your commitment to helping us provide a Catholic education to all students.

Student Life

Developing Well-Rounded Students

ST. MARK students are well-rounded individuals who participate in a wide-range of activities before and after school. ST. MARK offers a variety of choices in before- and after-school enrichment activities, clubs, and organizations. Clubs vary from year to year, and are based on student interests and interest levels. These extracurricular and enrichment activities help students deepen and broaden their interests, pursue their passions, and cultivate their God-given gifts and talents in a spirit of community and caring.

Our clubs often participate in local or regional competitions, and have won numerous awards, including top places for choir, band, Catholic Math League, and debate, to name just a few!

Some recent options for students have included:

  • Art Club
  • Band Program (grades 4-8)
  • Battle of the Books
  • Boy & Girl Scout programs for all ages
  • Catholic Math League (grades 5-8)
  • Chess Club
  • Choir (church)
  • Drama Club
  • S.T.E.M.
  • Safety Patrol
  • Shakespeare Club (8th grade)
  • Sports Teams, including:
    • CYO Basketball
    • CYO Tennis
    • CYO Track/Cross Country
    • CYO Volleyball (girls)
    • CYO Cheerleading
  • Student Leadership Association
  • Yearbook Club